Questions & Answers

Q.  How does Herbalife Nutrition makes its products?

A.  It starts with quality ingredients.  Quality is at the heart of everything we do. From sourcing the ingredients to the final package, our products go through numerous checks, including quality assurance, safety, science, regulatory, sensory, and label design. We call this our Seed to Feed commitment.  We have state of the art manufacturing and quality control programs, and we work to improve them permanently. Why? Because millions of customers around the world enjoy our products every single day, and we value that trust above all else

Q.  I just want to use the products to get healthier.

A.  No problem.  Congratulations on your decision to give your body the best nutrition.  May I suggest you become a DISCOUNT member and buy your nutrition at 25% off retail price.

Q.  Do I have to sell?

A.  Put simply, no.  Unless you want to in which case we are here to assist, guide and mentor you.  We will help you as much or as little as you desire.  

Q.  Is there an ordering requirement each month

A.  No. There is a volume requirement in order to receive Royalty income, but you are not required to produce this volume yourself.  In fact, it is better if you do not 

Q.  What about using the products.  Do I have to do that?

A.  No. Unless you want to get healthier, feel fabulous, lose or gain weight or earn money

Q.  Do I have to pester my friends and family

A.  No.   My suggestion is do not do this.  Certainly let them know what you are doing, but don't be the person who pesters and annoys everyone.  We have much better ways of building your business

Q.  How do I get paid?

A.  Like any retail store, you are paid direct profit on personal sales you make to your customers.  This could be every day, every week, or quite frankly never, depending on how much you work. It is certainly every time a sale is made by you to a customer.  


If you decide to build a team (a smart and fun way to do business) you will earn a wholesale income on any products you sell a team member who's buying discount is less than yours.   If any member of your team who's buying discount is less than yours purchases product from a warehouse anywhere in the world (China is the exception) the global nutrition partner, Herbalife, pays you the wholesale income.  


As you progress, you open the door for Passive (Royalty Override and Production Bonus) income. 


You also have the opportunity to qualify for paid vacations.  The catch with this is you build a team and earn more money.

Importantly, monies paid by the company are based on the RETAIL price of the product sold, NOT the wholesale price, thereby putting MORE money in YOUR pocket.

Q.  How do I become a member?

A.  Fill in the contact form below and I will get back to you.


Or you can join online, by clicking HERE, REGISTERING (on the top right corner) and then click on SIGN UP TODAY.  You will need to put in my id number of 05459098 and SCH where it asks for it (first three letters on my last name) and select NO for the question about member pack - this will be sent to you.  It's that easy.


Once registered on-line, you will be given your own identification number and can then purchase products with an immediate discount of 25% off retail price.