My Story

Motorcycles, Cancer & Me

Aged about 32

After a motorcycle accident, I gained a lot of weight, going from a "six pack" to a "keg"

As mentioned on another page, I began my working life as a policeman and was very fit. 


In August, 1981, I had a near fatal, head-on motorcycle accident in which I broke both legs and my right arm.  I was given a desk job and my weight ballooned from a very trim 73kg to a chubby 115kg - my 6 pack had turned into a keg!  I left SAPOL in 1987. 


In 1993, a friend suggested I could afford to lose a few kilo's and introduced me to Cellular Nutrition. As an ex cop, I was extremely skeptical but I trusted him and followed his directions. I immediately began to lose the fat around my stomach. Amazingly, I still ate the foods I wanted and I never felt hungry. But, it was not until people began to comment that I was actually convinced something was happening. And I could not believe how good I felt - my energy increased substantially.


I lost 5kg in my first 2 weeks without trying, while still eating all of the foods I enjoyed.  I have since gone on to lose over 30kg and have pretty much kept the same weight for the last 26 years.  

In May 2016 I was tapped on the shoulder and given a gift in the form of an aggressive cancer - blastoid, mantle cell lymphoma - it did not seem like a gift at the time.  Treatment would be 6 months of  high dosages of chemotherapy and I was told to expect a host of side effects such as, hair loss, mouth ulcers, lethargy, loss of taste, and more.  


I continued to consume the Cellular Nutrition, ensuring I had two shakes a day as well as the F2 multi-vitamin and Xtra-Cal. This nutrition had fed astronauts when in space - good enough for them, good enough for me 


Well, all of my hair fell out. In fact, from the first treatment of chemotherapy, the only side-effect was all of my hair falling out. During the chemo treatment, I felt energised and 'normal'. 


In September, 2017, 9 months after leaving hospital, my haematologist advised me I was in remission. 

Good news indeed.

While I cannot say the products rid me of my cancer, consuming very good nutrition certainly helped. More to the point, I woke bright and cheerful each morning and my high energy level was sustained. 

55 years young

Going through chemotherapy - my sister called me Uncle Fester

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