Others have become successful...WHY NOT YOU?  While this business is simple, it may not necessarily be easy. You will be trained and mentored. Are you prepared to put the time and effort in to succeed?  

Here are a few who did.  Why not join them?  The mentoring, tools and personal development is available for you.  Woman, man, young or old, everyone has the same opportunity of success.  



Megan Callegari

A bottle of Aloe Concentrate was all it took for me to join Herbalife. After hearing results that hit my heart at the time from my friend, Ellen Blackmore, I didn’t need to hear the rest – I wanted what she had and quick! After having amazing results on the product and helping my sister feel the same way I fell into the business – who knew I would be here today! After making the decision in January 2013 to give the business an actual try, I committed to our weekly webinars and listening to my coach’s advice. In April 2013, 4 weeks after my first daughter was born I attended my first Success Training Seminar (I had been a customer since October 2012).

I walked out of the event knowing I had a real chance to make Herbalife my life and had big goals there on. Utilising Facebook support groups has helped me condense time tremendously as well as create a sense of community and friendships amongst our teams.

I have an online Personal Development group where inspiration and motivational tips are shared daily – another passion of mine and top tip for success.

Roger and Ally Shehata

Before Herbalife, Roger was self-employed as the CEO of a paper and cleaning products company, and Ally was a Paediatric Nurse. Roger’s business was doing great until the year 2000 when the U.S. dollar took a dive, leading to large debt that could not be recovered.

In 2002 we came across a small advertisement in the newspaper, saying ‘Work from Home’. We received a phone call and were invited to a Herbalife Opportunity Meeting. We both started on the Ultimate Program. Ally lost 6kg in seven weeks and Roger lost 12kg in less than three months.

By our tenth month in business, Roger went full-time and Ally went full-time a year after that. Herbalife has changed our lives and rewarded us with many vacations, and the opportunity to make lifelong friends with motivated, positive people. We now earn income from a dozen countries, so work locally and think globally.

Is this Business For You?

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Only YOU know your circumstances,

Only YOU will pay your bills,

Only YOU will live your life

Joana Guyonnet and Daniel Smith

A little into our Herbalife journey, Daniel and I became parents at a young age and we struggled for two solid years. It was at a point where I didn’t have money to buy food and Kristie Walsh reached out and invited me to an event in the Gold Coast.

It was the event that changed my perspective and within 10 days, I went from 3 clients to 20. I started Supervisor Academies and attended 25 back to back, which helped me achieve Global Expansion Team. I also attend, participate and become involved in all trainings like the STS, Kickoffs and major events.

In January 2013, I decided to incorporate some new things with Jess Morgan as well as Kevin and Renie Garnaut. Daniel and I also decided to have our second bub and for me personally I wanted to prove that the pregnancy, kids, weddings, “life” did not need to put a halt to your growth and success. Over 2013 we developed and launched Business methods and systems for our team such as Child Friendly HOMs and member trainings, online 500 Club, how to do 10K plan, and our Future TAB Team series. It was the combination and always qualifying for Promotions and Events that allowed us to go from being a Global Expansion Team in November 2013 to President’s Team in October 2014 with a newborn and a 4 year old.

Joanne and Matthew McDonald

Joanne and Matthew McDonald.jpg

Garrain Jones

From homeless and living in his car, to financially free.  Listen to his story


Stay at Home Mum, Sydney, Australia

              US$3000 per month

Before finding this opportunity I was a stay-at-home Mum of two young children. I was also nursing my ageing Grandmother 3-4 days per week and needed to find something very flexible around my busy schedule. We were struggling to pay the bills and the mortgage, so I was forced to look for part time work. I was just looking for an extra $500 to supplement my husband’s income. I was absolutely determined to be home to raise my kids. I found Herbalife through an ad in the local paper offering part time work from home. I was initially scared to try something new, so I decided to try the products first. I was amazed at how much energy I had in the first few days, and I lost over 5kg in my first month. People noticed how well I was looking and started asking me what I was doing - and that’s how easily I got started! I was excited to be earning income straight away by helping others experience what I was experiencing, and in less than 7 hours a week to contribute to the business I earned over $800 profit in my second month, and over $2000 by my 4th month! The step-by-step training and support is wonderful and I currently average $2,500-$3,500 extra, working part time in school hours. That kind of income can make a big difference to a family! And what’s even more exciting is the company rewarded us with a fabulous 11 day cruise to the South Pacific! While helping my own family, I’m helping others achieve their own dreams. I’m able to work around the kids and attend school events - things so many other parents miss out on. And it feels great to be able to actively contribute to the household income so it takes the pressure off my husband. The Herbalife opportunity makes it all possible!

Personal fitness trainer, Queensland, Australia

US$ 1,300 in the First Month

I was a teacher for 13 years, both in Australia and the UK, but was constantly unhappy with the long stressful hours, I was expected to work and the person I became in this profession. I moved into the fitness industry after returning from London and became a personal fitness trainer and enjoyed the health industry and being my own boss. Unfortunately, job security was minimal and personal training was not the best option for the future. I was introduced to this work from home business and started it part time around my personal training business. I was attracted to it because I could continue helping people with their health and develop financial security. I made $2,600 profit in my first two months, very part time. The flexibility of this work from home system has allowed me to live in Malaysia, travel extensively and meet people from all over the world. I’m very excited about my future now I am back in Australia because the knowledge I have gained while being overseas gives me the confidence to know I will succeed in this business and achieve my goals!


Ex teacher and single mum

US$ 687 in the First Month

I was 40, a divorced single mum and a high school English teacher. I worked hard but was constantly worrying and juggling money to just keep food on the table and pay the bills. The rest of the time I worried about the future, wondering how I was going to manage it all over time. It was going to become impossible... The one thing I understood was that if I wanted things to be different for us I had to do something different. When I eventually found this business after 18 months of diligent searching, I knew immediately it was what I'd been looking for. My first month I made $687 profit. I got so excited because that was more than a week's teaching salary, and I had little idea of what I was doing yet! Imagine what I could do over time?! At the end of 2 years my part time business run from the spare bedroom was making more money than my full time teaching salary - so I quit the job. My first blow for freedom was achieved! At the end of another year my income was over $30,000 every single MONTH! Totally life changing and amazing...and it all just kept getting better. This business has allowed my daughter to have the best education money could buy and all the opportunities a parent could possibly wish for their children. We have lived in beautiful places and travelled the world together having adventures and making lifetime memories. I have friends all over the world and can go almost anywhere and have an instant network of people to make me feel at home and welcome. I feel so blessed I found this life changing opportunity and grabbed it with both hands.

Melissa & Jack Martin.jpg


I am originally from Mexico. Before getting involved with this business I did not have any experience or background in business at all. I had been backpacking around the world for 6 years and was looking for some extra income to carry on with my travels. 


I came across this opportunity through an advert in the local paper and I was invited to attend a Herbalife Opportunity Meeting. 

I was so impressed by the stories that I heard that I decided to get started, even though I didn’t know anybody in the country. 


I was shown how to get started ‘step by step’. I attended a local training and by following what I had learned I made a pretty decent income in my first 3 months so, I decided to keep going! Since then I have had amazing adventures and a great journey with Herbalife Nutrition. I even met my wife through this business...she was one of my customers! I love what I do and I continue to travel the world - now with my wife Helen. 


I love what I do. 

Why not get the facts and make an informed decision on your future....

                 No-one else will live your life or pay your bills 

Let’s talk and see if we can work together.


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